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Department of Safety Health and Environmental Engineering

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In 2003, the Department was approved to establish four-year technical courses. The very first class of students was recruited in 2004. In 2005, besides continuously offered regular daytime four-year technical classes, the Department also started offering a four-year technical class in the Continued Education Program during the evening.

In response to global environmental changes, disaster prevention, and the development of new energy resources, the Department has set an educational goal to provide a program aimed at training highly qualified experts in the management and application of technology in the field of environmental studies, and industrial safety and health, to meet the needs of society and the nation.

Academic Features
Health is the center of sustainable development. Safety and environmental soundness are the ways to improve the quality of life. CTUST, a university with a strong tradition in the field of health science and technology, can contribute and enhance the education and development of the Department of Health, Safety and Environmental Engineering, and plays an important role in the national network of health care, disaster prevention, and management.

Teaching Facilities
A. Professional Labs
The professional teaching labs include the following: Solid Waste Lab, Air Pollution Lab, Wastewater Treatment Lab, Water Quality Lab, Work Environment Lab, Industrial Safety Lab, Industrial and Professional Health Lab, Risk Assessment and Damage Control Lab, Fire and Explosion Prevention Lab.

B. Analytical Instruments
The Department holds the following analytical instruments: Water Supplying Analysis Instrument, Wastewater Analysis Instrument, Solid Wastes Analysis, Air Pollution Noise Measurement and Analysis, Fire Detector and Analysis, Explosion Measurement and Analysis, Explosion Prevention Analysis, Electricity Shortage Measurement and Analysis, Industrial Ventilation Measurement and Analysis.